IBAG Launches Trust Fund in Memory of Jason Atike, Former CEO

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana (IBAG) has inaugurated a trust fund in loving memory of its late former CEO, Rev. Jason Atike, affectionately known as “Jason.” The solemn event unfolded at the Auditorium of the National Insurance Commission (NIC) and was graced by dignitaries from the insurance industry. Notable attendees included Mr Michael Kofi Andoh, the Acting Commissioner of Insurance; Mr Seth Aklasi, President of the Ghana Insurers Association (GIA); Mr Shaibu Ali, President of IBAG; Dr Kingsley Kwesi Kwabahson, CEO of GIA; Mrs. Lena Adu Kofi, Immediate Past President of IBAG; and representatives from the family and church (International Charismatic Church – ICC) of the late Jason Atike.

Welcoming the attendees, Mr. Shaibu Ali, President of IBAG, expressed gratitude for the immense support extended by members of IBAG before, during, and after the funeral of their late CEO. He also thanked all those present, particularly the CEOs, for their participation in this significant event. Mr Ali emphasized that the insurance profession is known for collecting premiums from the insuring public and providing claims in return. He underscored the importance of the industry now extending support to its own members and highlighted the various ways this can be achieved.

Purpose of the Gathering

Mrs. Lena Adu Kofi, Immediate Past President of IBAG, elucidated the purpose of the gathering. She revealed that IBAG’s leadership had taken the initiative to establish the Jason Atike Trust Fund (JAT-Fund) to support the surviving immediate family of the late CEO, particularly his children, up to tertiary education. The JAT-Fund will be governed by a 3-member Board of Trustees, consisting of 2 representatives from IBAG and 1 from the family/church of the deceased CEO. The objectives of the Trust Fund are as follows:

  1. To provide educational support for the late CEO’s children through tertiary education.
  2. To offer health care insurance for the spouse and children.
  3. To cover contingency expenses for the family of the deceased CEO.

Mrs. Adu Kofi assured the attendees that the trustees have convened and engaged legal expertise to draft comprehensive guidelines for the effective management of the fund.

Source of Funds

The primary source of funding for the JAT-Fund will be donations. Mrs Adu Kofi appealed to all attendees to generously contribute to the fund and spread the word throughout the industry. She further urged Brokerage and Insurance Companies to consider the JAT-Fund as a priority in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. She confirmed that the fund has fulfilled all legal requirements, allowing members who donate to enjoy relevant CSR-related tax exemptions.

Currently, the JAT-Fund has received a total of GH¢231,000.00 out of the GH¢500,000.00 target as seed money. This includes contributions from IBAG as an organization, IBAG’s council members and their respective companies, as well as donations from the ICC church. Numerous pledges were also made by CEOs and staff of insurance and brokerage companies present as seed capital for the fund.

Donations to the Fund

The leadership of IBAG emphasized that no donation is too large or too small for the JAT-Fund. They called upon CEOs, staff of Insurance and Brokerage Companies, and all well-wishers to generously contribute to the fund using the following account details:

Bank: CalBank

Account Name: IBAG – Jason Atike Trust Fund

Account No.: 140008045232 Branch: Dansoman

Mobile Money: 059 855 5075 (IBAG)

Official Launch of the Fund

Mr Michael Kofi Andoh, the Acting Commissioner of Insurance, officially launched the JAT-Fund. In his brief remarks, Mr. Andoh acknowledged that blessings flow through humanity, and he urged everyone to make generous contributions to the fund and spread the word across the industry. He emphasized that the industry’s focus is on positively impacting the young family of the late CEO rather than extravagant expenditures like erecting billboards. He called upon the fund’s trustees to prioritize transparency and ensure that the fund fulfils its intended purpose.