Mr. Tavona Biza

(MD, Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Ghana.)


Tavona, originally from Zimbabwe, has established himself as an exceptional leader with a passion for excellence. His educational journey began in Zimbabwe, where he completed his basic and secondary schooling, showcasing strong leadership skills even during his formative years. Tavona pursued higher education at the National University of Science & Technology in Zimbabwe, earning a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting. He further expanded his knowledge and capabilities by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the prestigious University of Cape Town.

With an unwavering commitment to professional growth, Tavona attained the esteemed status of Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK. Throughout his career, he has assumed various influential positions, including serving as President of the Life and Pensions Association and the Actuarial Society.

Tavona has been an integral part of the Old Mutual family for over a decade, operating in diverse markets such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Malawi. He embarked on his journey with Old Mutual as an Operations Executive at Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (Zimbabwe) Limited. His exceptional leadership and strategic direction resulted in a significant positive transformation for the business. Recognizing his expertise, Tavona was subsequently appointed as the Senior Actuarial Specialist at Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (South Africa).

His notable accomplishments and an unwavering pursuit of excellence led to his pivotal role as the Managing Director of both Old Mutual Life Assurance Company and Old Mutual Pension Services Company in Malawi. Under his guidance, Old Mutual solidified its position as the leading life insurer in Malawi.

Tavona’s reputation as an accomplished business leader spans the African continent, with a track record of growing and revitalizing businesses. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Old Mutual Life Assurance Company in Ghana, where he continues to drive innovation and success in the industry.

Integrity, objectivity, professionalism, and creativity are the core values that define Tavona’s approach to business. His unwavering commitment to these principles has contributed to his remarkable achievements and his reputation as a respected leader in the industry.