Insurance Awareness Coordinators Group Launches Groundbreaking ‘Insurance Pays’ Claims Testimonial Campaign

The Insurance Awareness Coordinators Group (IACG) has unveiled a groundbreaking claims testimonial campaign aimed at boosting insurance adoption in Ghana and fostering trust and confidence among the insuring public regarding the claims process. Known as the ‘Insurance Pays’ campaign, it will be broadcasted on TV, radio, and digital platforms from March to July 2022.

Television viewers can expect recorded testimonials from insurance claims beneficiaries, along with a captivating talk show called ‘Recovery Stories.’ This show will feature real-life beneficiaries sharing their experiences, as well as insights from industry experts. On the radio, an engaging drama series named ‘No.1 Aberewa Street’ will provide Ghanaians with a comprehensive understanding of the insurance claims process. The radio drama will be broadcasted in English, Hausa, Ga, Ewe, Twi, and Dagbani across various radio stations in all sixteen regions.

In addition to the television and radio components, the campaign will incorporate live educational sessions on social media platforms, where industry experts will share valuable insights. Furthermore, an online comic series on insurance claims processing will complement the digital presence of the campaign.

The campaign was officially launched at the National Insurance Commission (NIC) auditorium on March 24, 2022, with the Commissioner of Insurance, Dr. Justice Ofori, chairing the event. Dr. Ofori commended the industry’s efforts, particularly the partnership with the German Development Ministry (GIZ), noting that education plays a crucial role in enhancing public appreciation of the benefits of insurance.

Wilson Tei, Chairman of the Insurance Awareness Coordinators Group (IACG), emphasized that successful payment of legitimate claims is vital for the industry. He stressed the importance of simplifying the claims process to instill public confidence in insurance. The campaign’s call to action, “Notify, submit, get paid,” underscores the importance of following due processes for legitimate claim settlements.

During the launch, Patience Abban, Head of Pensions and Insurance Unit at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, highlighted that the industry’s achievements are not adequately publicized. She shared statistics indicating that non-life insurers paid an average of 1.4 million claims daily in 2019, while life insurers paid out an average of 2.2 million benefits daily. Ms. Abban emphasized the need to tell these success stories to counterbalance the negative narrative often associated with denied claims.

Mr. Detlev Axel Jahn, GIZ Ghana Head of Programme for Sustainable Economic Development (PSED), expressed satisfaction with the campaign’s launch, emphasizing GIZ’s commitment to partnering with IACG and the insurance industry to educate and build trust among the insuring public regarding the claims process.

The insurance industry has taken significant steps to enhance service delivery through consumer-centric initiatives like the Claims Management and Advisory Bureau (CMAB), aimed at addressing customer challenges during the claims process. The goal is to promote insurance uptake in Ghana by educating the public about the claims process and sharing testimonials.

The ‘Insurance Pays’ campaign by the Insurance Awareness Coordinators Group (IACG) is supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German government. The campaign enjoys the support of relevant stakeholders, including the Ghana Insurers Association (GIA), National Insurance Commission (NIC), Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana (IBAG), National Association of Ghana Insurance Agents (NAGIA), and Chartered Insurance of Institute Ghana (CIIG).

The Insurance Awareness Coordinators Group (IACG) comprises key stakeholders in the insurance industry, united with the objective of promoting insurance awareness and education in Ghana. The group was established in