GIA Hosts its 2023 Insurance Industry Fun Games

The Ghana Insurers Association (GIA) recently hosted the 2023 Insurance Industry Fun Games, bringing together top talents from the insurance industry for a thrilling competition. The games took place on July 1 at the Athletics Oval of the University of Ghana, showcasing skill, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. With the participation of over 45 insurance companies, including life insurers, non-life insurers, reinsurers, micro-insurance companies, insurance brokers, and agents, the event was a grand celebration.

The much-anticipated event featured numerous exhilarating disciplines that added to the overall excitement. Participating companies displayed their athletic prowess and determination, earning recognition through coveted medals and trophies awarded in each category.

CEOs Competitions

The CEOs of the participating insurance companies showcased their sporting spirit and competitive edge by competing in the 60-meter dash for men and women, as well as penalty kicks for men and women. Mr. Matthew K.A Aidoo, CEO of Priority Insurance LTD., emerged as the winner for the Men CEOs Penalty Kick, and a CEO representing IBAG emerged as the winner for the CEOs Women Penalty Kick. In the 60 Meters dash competition for men, Dr. Yaw Adom Boaten, CEO of Coronation, grabbed the gold medal, followed by Mr. Gideon Ataraire of Allianz Life Ghana, who won the silver. The CEOs for Sunu Assurances emerged third and grabbed the bronze medal accordingly. For the women, IBAG won the gold, followed by Mrs. Mercy Buampong, CEO of Serene Insurance, who won the silver. Mrs. Norrender Wordei-Debrah, CEO of Nsia Insurance Ghana, emerged third and won the bronze medal accordingly.

2023 GIA Insurance Industry Fun Games

Football – Men

Loyalty Insurance dominated the football field, showcasing remarkable skills and securing the gold medal. aYo Intermediaries and Star Life Insurance displayed impressive performances, earning silver and bronze medals, respectively.


Metropolitan Life emerged victorious in the men’s volleyball category, demonstrating teamwork and coordination on the court. They were followed by Enterprise Life and Ghana Reinsurance. In the women’s volleyball category, Glico Group displayed exceptional skills and claimed the gold medal. Star Life and Imperial General put up strong performances, securing the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Tug of War

Hollard Insurance emerged victorious in the tug-of-war category, displaying strength and teamwork. Phoenix Insurance put up a commendable fight, securing the silver medal.

100 Meters Dash for Men and Women

Hollard Insurance showcased their speed and agility, taking the gold medal in the fiercely competitive 100-meter women’s race. aYo Intermediaries and NSIA Ghana Insurance demonstrated their athletic prowess, securing the silver and bronze medals, respectively. Phoenix Insurance sprinted their way to victory in the highly contested 100-meter men’s race, securing the gold medal. Allianz Insurance and Donewell Insurance demonstrated their speed and determination, earning the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Table Tennis

IBAG secured the gold medal in the table tennis category, showcasing exceptional talent and precision on the table. Metropolitan Life and Sunu Assurances followed closely, clinching the silver and bronze medals, respectively.


Coronation Insurance displayed exceptional skill and precision, securing the gold medal in the thrilling game of snooker. Enterprise Life and Loyalty Insurance also showcased their talents, earning the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Overall Winner

Hollard Insurance emerged as the overall winner, displaying dominance and exceptional performance throughout the games. Their consistent dedication, talent, and teamwork propelled them to claim the coveted title.

The 2023 Insurance Industry Fun Games was a resounding success, bringing together the insurance industry in a thrilling display of athleticism, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. The event showcased the industry’s commitment to not only providing financial security but also fostering a sense of community and healthy competition among insurance professionals.

Congratulations to all the participating companies and their outstanding athletes for their exceptional achievements in the games. Each participant contributed to the overall excitement and made the event a memorable one. The dedication, hard work, and skill displayed by the athletes were truly remarkable.