GIA Annual Seminar 2023: Empowering Insurance Professionals For Industry Excellence

The Ghana Insurers Association (GIA) is proud to announce its upcoming annual seminar, scheduled to take place from August 9th to August 11th, 2023. With a focus on promoting ethical standards and best practices, this three-day capacity-building event aims to equip participants with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance industry.

The Seminar will be held at the Premier Best Western Hotel, located in the heart of Accra’s Airport area. Running from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in comprehensive sessions led by industry experts, covering critical areas in insurance, including Marine, Underwriting, Finance, and IT.

The seminar will delve into crucial topics that reflect the current challenges and emerging trends in the insurance sector. Some of the key topics to be discussed include:

Marine Cargo Policy and Underwriting Considerations:

  • Exploring Essential Aspects of the Marine Insurance Business and Underwriting Best Practices.

Combatting Claims Fraud:

  • Analyzing the Emerging Threat of Claims Fraud in Life Insurance Operations and Its Implications.
  • Examining Emerging Trends In Motor Insurance, Focusing on Policy Wordings and Their Impact on Claims and Underwriting.

Transitioning from IFRS 4 to IFRS 17:

  • Practical Aspects of Adopting IFRS 17 in Life and Non-Life Insurance Financial Statements, with a Specific Focus on Accounting and Finance.

Cyber and Network Security:

  • Addressing the Critical Need for Robust Cybersecurity Measures In The Digital Age, Particularly In The Insurance Industry.

Digitization and Work Collaboration in Insurance:

  • Exploring the Transformative Potential of Digitization and Collaboration Tools In Enhancing Operational Efficiency Within Insurance Organizations.

This all-important seminar is specifically designed for professionals in key insurance roles. The targeted participants include Heads of Claims and Underwriting, Reinsurance, Accounting and Finance, as well as IT Professionals. By bringing together these industry leaders, the seminar aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and collaborative discussions that can drive positive change within the insurance landscape.

With the GIA 2023 Annual Seminar, the Ghana Insurers Association reaffirms its commitment to the continuous professional development of insurance practitioners. By addressing critical areas in insurance and providing insights into emerging trends, this seminar equips participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the challenges of the industry successfully. As participants return to their respective organizations, it is expected that they will leverage their newfound expertise to drive innovation, improve ethical practices, and ultimately contribute to the growth and excellence of the insurance sector as a whole.

For enquiries, please contact the GIA Secretariat via 0302251092 or