GIA Launches Its First-Ever Journal as Part of the 2023 Insurance Awareness Month Celebration

The Ghana Insurers Association (GIA) reached a momentous milestone in its history with the launch of its inaugural journal during the 2023 Insurance Awareness Month Celebration. Held at the prestigious Best Western Premier Hotel in Airport, Accra on June 29th, the event marked a significant achievement for the GIA and the insurance industry as a whole. The Underwriter Journal, a biannual publication, aims to provide members, the insuring public, and other stakeholders with relevant and timely insurance news, reports, and statistics.

During the launch event, Dr Kingsley Kwesi Kwabahson, CEO of the Ghana Insurers Association and Editor-in-Chief of The Underwriter, emphasized the journal’s mission to inform and educate readers about the insurance industry. The Underwriter aims to serve as a comprehensive resource, offering insightful and authoritative content on various aspects of insurance, keeping readers up to date with the industry’s evolving landscape.

The Underwriter Journal prides itself on its esteemed editorial board, which consists of accomplished professionals with diverse expertise in the insurance industry. Under the leadership of Dr Kingsley Kwesi Kwabahson, the board ensures that the magazine delivers high-quality content to its readers. Notable contributors such as Mr Ernest Frimpong (CEO, Bedrock Insurance LTD.), Mrs Yvonne Osei-Addo (COO, Bedrock Insurance LTD.), Ms Darlene Glover (Donewell Insurance LTD.), and Mr Senyo Nana Yaw Ampofo (Phoenix Insurance LTD.) enrich the publication with their expertise and insights.

The Underwriter Journal presents a wide range of captivating content. Engaging interviews with industry experts, such as Mr Wilson Tei, Chairman of the Insurance Awareness Coordinators Group (IACG), shed light on the promotion of insurance education and sensitization in Ghana. The journal provides an overview of the insurance industry in Ghana, explores the legal framework of the Ghanaian insurance market, delves into the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the industry, and emphasizes the importance of Inclusive/Micro-insurance and Women’s Empowerment in the field.

The Underwriter Journal also boasts visually captivating design elements that enhance the reading experience. With sleek layouts, stunning imagery, and elegant typography, each page showcases the magazine’s commitment to visual excellence and aesthetic appeal.

To ensure accessibility, the journal is initially available free of charge. Hard copies will be distributed to members, stakeholders, public libraries, and school libraries. Embracing technology, The Underwriter includes a QR code on the back of hard copies, allowing readers to conveniently download and access the journal on their mobile devices. By providing their information after scanning, readers can ensure they receive future editions via email.

The GIA extends heartfelt appreciation to the GIA Board, members, editorial board, contributors, skilled writers, and generous sponsors for their unwavering support and contributions. Their involvement and commitment have been vital in bringing this remarkable project to fruition. The GIA recognizes and expresses gratitude to companies like Bedrock Insurance LTD., Donewell Insurance LTD., Glico Group LTD., GN Reinsurance LTD., SIC Life Insurance LTD., Starlife Assurance LTD., and W-Safe Reinsurance LTD., whose sponsorship played an instrumental role in making the journal a reality.

The launch of The Underwriter Journal represents a significant milestone for the Ghana Insurers Association and the insurance industry in Ghana as a whole. With its rich and insightful content, the journal aims to elevate the level of knowledge and understanding within the industry, fostering collaboration and innovation. As readers immerse themselves in the articles and interviews, they will gain a deeper appreciation for the dynamic nature of the insurance landscape in Ghana.

The official launch of The Underwriter Journal was a momentous occasion, attended by esteemed dignitaries and industry leaders. The Commissioner of Insurance (Ag.), Mr Michael Kofi Andoh, graced the event and highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing and continuous learning in the insurance sector. Mr Ivan Abubakar Avereyireh, a Past President of GIA and a Special Guest of Honour, praised the GIA’s efforts in promoting excellence and professionalism through the journal. As The Underwriter Journal embarks on this exciting journey, it invites readers and stakeholders to join in this collective effort to shape the future of insurance. Together, let us embrace knowledge, collaboration, and innovation to create an industry that serves the needs of Ghanaian society, promotes inclusivity and empowerment, and ensures a resilient and prosperous future for all.